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I'm sure you've come across IBR roofsheets or clay
roof tiles that looks like they've been attacked with
cloth and resin. Allot of waterproofing contractors
especially those who have just started their own
company tend to patch over an area that's leaking. It's
like putting a plaster over an infected sore without first 
cleaning and disinfecting the wound. Instead your
clay roof tiles must first be removed, the surface must
be cleaned properly, the torch-on must be applied and
the roof tiles must be packed back. Well in a nutshell.

Just patching over the problem is obviously the 
cheaper option and if money is tight it sounds like the
wise thing to do but in actual fact it's not. You've just
spent a third or sometimes even a half of the amount
you would have paid to get the job done properly. 
Why? Not because the price is half of the amount you
would pay to get it done properly. Contractors that
don't know what they're doing end up causing more
damage than you think. If you're new in the game 
there's a few things you have to learn. Like where to
stand on a slate tile roof. Slate tiles crack very easily.
If you stand in the middle of the slate tile it will crack
without any efford. The problem is that allthough a
contractor just cracked a tile does'nt mean that you can
see it. And if you can't see the crack in the top slate tile
you won't see the cracks in the bottom slate tiles upon
which the top one is resting. Only after the first rain will
it start leaking and if you tell the waterproofing 
contractor to fix my leaking roof they repaired
he/she could very easily just say they did'nt waterproof
that area so it's not their problem.

Also if you walk on the edge of the tiles your soles
scratches the paint off the slate tiles. So where must
you walk? On the edge of the slate tile just before the
tile ends. Now try working and walking on the tiles
at the same time. You have to be experienced.

I've seen slate tile roofs where the re-roofing and
waterproofing of the roof was superb but then there's
scratches all over the slate tiles. If I see that with my
teams I usually walk around with a can of spray paint
and spray an X on all the tiles that needs to be 
replaced. I don't care how angry they get with me or
how unnecessary they think it is, my client paid allot
of money to have a job done right so I have to deliver
that. If I see that the scratches can be polishes out I
use a oil based furniture liquid on the tiles. This not
only polishes out the miner scratches but also protects
the tiles against severe heat a weather.

When you waterproof your roof, chimney or what ever
make sure that you follow the natural flow of water. If
you can understand that you won't have many 
comebacks. Water flows from the top of the roof and 
will go into any hole or crack to get to the ground below.
Your mission is to make sure there is no hole or crack.

For instance.If you're waterproofing a slate tile roof make
sure that the torch-on is under the roof tiles. This way
the water will run onto the roof tiles and down into the
gutter. If you heatfuse torch-on onto the slate tiles the
water will run down the roof tiles, against the torch-on
and eventually under it into the roof. It might not happen
within a month sometimes not even for a year. But 
eventually it does and when it does you're never ready
for it. So don't always look at price. Get three reputable
companies quotes if you have to but don't use what we
call the "bakkie brigade". It could hurt you more than 
you think.
patching over an old waterproofing system
broken slate roof tile
torch-on waterproofing behind chimney
torch-on under slate roof tiles