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Roofing Contractors & Rainwater Harvesting

What we do?
>  Roof replacements
>  Waterproofing Roofs
>  Balcony Waterproofing
>  Re - Roofing
>  Roof Repair Specialists
>  Roof Leak Repairs 
>  Damp Proofing
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Why We Rock!

Our main product we use to do waterproofing with is torch-on membrane. This product comes in 3 and 4mm and is one of the toughest systems on the market. It can withstand high temperature, take a and is even scratch resistant. It's applied with a burner and gas and has to be done by a processional. That's why we don't take changes when using the torch-on waterproofing system. We only use our contractors to do the applications. They have over 20 years experience in the industry and have allready paid their school fees. So this will make you feel more at eas when we are doing the waterproofing on your roof.

Why Use Us?
  1. Been in the roofing & waterproofing business for over 15 Years.
  2. 2 Year Workmanship guarantee.
  3. 20 Year guarantee on Colorbond roof sheets
  4. Onsite team leader for quality control.
  5. All waterproofing projects are done using heat fused Unitorch.
Make sure your roof is safe to harvest rainwater
Roofing Contractors & Rainwater Harvesting

Our Roofing Services in Cape Town

With the current water crises in Cape Town it's now pretty clear that every home should invest in at least one water tank to harvest and store rainwater in but what about your roof and gutters? The materials your roof tiles are made of will depend on whether you can drink the rainwater you harvested or not.

Most folks in Cape Town don't know this but some roof tiles contain lead and as most of you know it's very toxic to humans so make sure your roof tiles do not contain lead as lead is also a carcinogen. Asbestos roof sheets are also a big no-no as these fibrous minerals have been known to cause cancer as well so you really don't want to drink water flowing from a asbestos roof into your water tank. Other roofing solutions that could solve this problem would be to do a complete roof replacement with either cement tiles or Zincalume roof sheets. Neither one of the two contains lead or asbestos which makes it very safe to harvest rainwater from and could last for up to 25 years if installed properly by a professional roofing company.

Another precaution to implement would be to high pressure clean your roof to remove all the bird droppings, moss or fungus as fungus in bird droppings of pigeons, starlings and house sparrows can cause transmissible diseases like histoplasmosis which can be fatal if spread throughout the body.

If lead flashing was used to line the valleys of your roof or to waterproof your chimney and parapets walls you will need to remove it and replace it Unitorch. This heat fused method of waterproofing is locally manufactured in Cape Town to suit our unique weather conditions and safe for harvesting rainwater.

In the end it's either investing in a proper roof that's free of toxins and safe for harvesting drinking water or investing in a decent water filtration system but when it comes to drinking water there's no elevator you've got to take the stairs.

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