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Uni-toch waterproofing membrane

Uni-torch is a waterproofing membrane
with complex attributes. Torch-on contains
Atactic Polypropylene. It has a non-woven
polyester core and a fiberglass mat an
comes in a 3mm and 4mm thickness.

The above mentioned attributes makes
the Uni-torch very strong and protects
it against tears and UV rays.
Geoflex white paint and membrane
Geoflex is applied onto the edges of the
Uni-torch to ensure that it doesn't pull
loose. A Geoflex primer first needs to
be applied to the Uni-torch before the
membrane is applied to the torch-on.
The Geoflex white paint is then painted
onto the membrane leaving a white 
finish on the Uni-torch and sealing the
edges of the Torch-on making sure
the waterproofing in Cape Town is 
completely watertight.
Uniflash serves almost the same
purpose as Uni-torch except that you
don't use a flaming torch to apply it. Instead
it works just like a sticker. First you have to make
sure that the surface is clean. Then you have
to apply a Neopreme Primer. After that you 
can stick the Uniflash onto the Neopreme
Primer and give it a coat of aluminium
Silvakote for UV protection.
Uniflash 200mm
bituseal plastic
Bituseal Plastic is a thick tar 
substance that is used to waterproof
roofbolts on IBR, corrugated and other
roofsheets and tiles. Bituseal plastic always 
stays sticky preventing the elements from 
cracking and weathering it. It's a
highbred for waterproofing.
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