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Cape Town Waterproofing & Roof Repairs Contractors started with a team of specialist 
that had a wealth of knowledge in the painting, roofing and waterproofing industry.
Using this knowledge we quickly flourished and became well known for our
excellent service, helpful ideas and quality workmanship.

We know what it's like when water pours into your home and you have no
idea what to do so we take a deep interest in finding the solution to the
problem as fast as we can. We also know that matching paint colors
is'nt a job just anyone can do so we use the most reputable companies 
like Midas and Dulux to get the job done properly.
We have fast and effecient services and
will get one of our friendly representetives 
to come out and see you within one to two 
days. Our reps are equiped with their own
ladders to climb onto roofs and know when
a roof is to dangerous to climb on.
ibr roof repair with gutter waterproofing with torch-on
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