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Welcome to Cape Town Waterproofing
Mission Statement
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Waterproofing Cape Town

What we do?
>  Roof replacements
>  Waterproofing Roofs
>  Balcony Waterproofing
>  Re - Roofing
>  Damp Proofing
>  Interior Painting
>  Exterior Painting

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Why We Rock!

Our main product we use to do waterproofing with is torch-on membrane. This product comes in 3 and 4mm and is one of the toughest systems on the market. It can withstand high temperature, take a and is even scratch resistant. It's applied with a burner and gas and has to be done by a processional. That's why we don't take changes when using the torch-on waterproofing system. We only use our contractors to do the applications. They have over 20 years experience in the industry and have allready paid their school fees. So this will make you feel more at eas when we are doing the waterproofing on your roof.

Our Partners
One of the best companies to
paint your house or complex is
Painting Contractors Cape 
Town. Their products has a 10
year guarantee and they use
brand names like Dulux for all 
their projects.

If you stay is JHB and need
your house waterproofed click
this company Recommended 
Johannesburg Waterpoofing 
Contractors. They always 
deliver what they say they will
and give supreme quality work.

Had rain water mess on your 
kitchen and need waterproofing
products Cape Town?
We Will Stop Any Leak Guaranteed!

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What we paint:

> Interior of buidings
> Exterior of buidings
> Boundary walls
> Roofs & ceilings


What we waterproof:

> Roofs
> Exterior of buidings
> Boundary walls
> Balcony


What we re-roof:

> Commercial buildings
> Residential houses
> Industrial buildings
> Garages

Why We Absolutely Rock!

>   We Actually deliver on our dead lines
>   We give friendly and helpfull service
>   We find the solution to your problem
>   We give Out Of This World quality workmanship
>   And YES...We finish what we've started
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Roofing & Waterproofing

We do roof replacements with:

  • IBR & Corrugated roof sheets
  • Slate Tiles
  • Clay tiles

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